Happy Birthday To The FOUNDER Of "The Jaggerz": BENNY FAIELLA!

In 1965, a young man from Beaver County named Eugene "Benny" Faiella started a band that would go on to international stardom, and be enshrined as members of The Class Of 2107, at The Pittsburgh Rock 'N Roll LEGENDS" ceremonies. He's proof that talented people, CAN also be "normal, and humble!
Happy Birthday to one of Pittsburgh's "Music Royalty"...and one of the nicest men it's been my pleasure to know: Mr. Benny Faiella!

Happy Birthday "Huge"! :-) (And here's to MANY, MANY more!)

Here's "The Birthday Boy" In Concert, With His "Family", JIMMIE ROSS & THE JAGGERZ  In 2105!

Here The Surviving Members Of The Band Reunite In At The Pittsburgh "Rockin' Reunion" In