Mike Frazer - I was born in Brooklyn, NY (Home of Vinnie Barbarino and The Sweathogs!) and grew up on Long Island. I graduated from the State University of New York at Oswego about the same time that the school's most famous Alum Al Roker from The Today Show did. (In fact, it was Al who helped me to audition at the College Radio Station!)

From there, I've been "up and down the dial" with stops in Syracuse, Baltimore and Philadelphia; and I loved my time in each city. 

However Pittsburgh is where I was MEANT to be! I've happily cheered on the Black and Gold since 1989, and been BLESSED to be here at 3WS for OVER 30 YEARS...a REAL rarity in the radio business!

Over the course of my career I’ve been heard on radio stations throughout the country, as part of the iHeartradio Premium Choice Talent Team. I’ve also had the pleasure of hosting many Music Concerts throughout Pittsburgh and the country, and am proud to serve as the “Official Voice” of the popular “My Music Concert Series” featured on PBS. My wonderful wife and I live in the Eastern Suburbs, with our two fantastic "kids", Chip and Shelby(our spoiled, lovable pups!)

I’m also an Eagle Scout who LOVES Pittsburgh, and ALL of the music that 3WS plays; which works out REALLY well! So…LIFE IS VERY GOOD!