Alex Trebek Final "Jeopardy" Show Date Announced

2020 has been one gut punch after another. Losing Alex Trebek on Sunday hit hard for so many that grew up watching Jeopardy. It was surprising to hear the news of his passing on Sunday, with new episodes of Jeopardy just recently airing.

Pending his health, Alex would normally film five episodes of Jeopardy per day. His final day in studio was October 29th. Jeopardy announced that the last episode Alex ever taped will air on Christmas Day, December 25th. That date seems especially fitting being Christmas is a time for families to gather, as they often do when it's time to watch Jepoardy! According to Sony Pictures, there are no current plans for the show after that.

Alex Trebek passed away Sunday at home in his sleep after a battle with stage IV pancreatic caner. He was 80 years old.

Photo source: Getty Images