Ann Wilson Covers Steve Earle Ahead Of The Election!

"The Revolution Starts Now" is a Steve Earle song from 2004 that Ann Wilson feels speaks to us here in 2020. Ann spoke to Rolling Stone magazine:

“Things are just building and have been building for a long time for this sort of fever pitch before the election, and I have never seen a time when people have been so divided,” Wilson tellsRolling Stone.“Even with the pandemic, which could have been a real unifier, it seems like there’s the lowest common denominator in human nature at play, where everyone’s just all split up and divided and hating each other. So this song talks about thinking higher.”

“I think it’s a message that it is really good for people to hear right now,” she adds. “It’s a third message — it’s not Trump, it’s not Biden, it’s something else. It’s us.”

Photo: Getty Images

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