Art Rooney II Releases Steelers Statement On Social Justice And Awareness

Monday Night Football.. we're all excited to see the Steelers back on the field; and the team as a whole had the name of Antwan Rose Jr on the back of their helmet, a young man killed by police. Steeler offensive lineman Alejandro Villenueva chose to put the name of a fallen veteran on his helmet.. Some folks may have had an issue with Villenueva's break from the rest of the team, but Coach Tomlin stated: "As an organization, and myself as the head coach of the organization, we're going to support our players however they chose to participate and express themselves, or to not participate or not express themselves, as long as they do so thoughtfully and with class," And, just in case there was any lingering issue, Steeler Presiden Art Rooney II has released a statement as well.

Bottom line, we all have our opinions, and there comes a time where we have to acknowledge differences and respect them, as long as their expression doesn't hurt anyone.

Photo: Getty Images