March Mad? Colgate 'Rents Out' Buckeye Pep Band For NCAA Tourney Game!

The band in the stands for this Colgate/Tennessee NCAA South Region game is NOT Colgate's Pep Band, it's the Ohio State Buckeyes Pep Band, who were 'rented' for the occasion! Colgate athletics says it's because the Colgate Pep Band had a history of unreliable attendance.. an associate athletics director also opined that the Colgate Pep Band was a little too small for the scale of an NCAA Tournament Game. The senior member of the Colgate band said they were never even asked to be there, and the Ohio State musicians were told they were asked because Colgate didn't even HAVE a band. Damn! That's cold.. if I were in the Colgate Pep Band, I'd NEVER show up for another Basketball game..

The athletic department might have a point.. their pep band is a bit sparse. But maybe you could invite the Colgate band and flesh it out with OSU musicians?