KC Mascot Busted Playing Video Game On JumboTron!

From 24/7 News Source:

(Kansas City, MO)  --  The mascot for the Kansas City Royals baseball team is taking the fall after a news helicopter caught someone playing the video game Mario Kart on the stadium's giant video board.  The KCTV-5 chopper was getting overhead shots of Arrowhead Stadium in advance of this weekend's NFL playoff game.  The Royals' Kauffman Stadium is across the parking lot.  The news crew filmed the game of Mario Kart being played on CrownVision and then broadcast it that day.  The mascot "Sluggerrr" later tweeted, "Busted," with the video.  In reality, the baseball team said it was an event to raise funds for Royals Charities.  The team tweeted it may auction off a video game party on CrownVision in 2019.