5 Tips I'm Using For REAL Success Keeping My Weight-Loss NY-Resolution

Just a week-and-a-half into into 2020, and statistically tons of people have ALREADY given up on their New Year's resolutions. 80% of them will give up by next month.

Not me. I'm focused on my weight loss like never before, and I ran across an article in Forbes that includes some new research to help. There are specific things you can do to to quadruple the chances of success. . . .

1. Pick ONE goal. Mine is to lose weight (a lot of it eventually) and eat healthier. So for so good, with a few exceptions but we’ll deal with that below. Forbes says Just choose ONE important thing to focus on, and don’t try to change everything at once.

2. Put it in writing and have it in front of you every day as a reminder. I keep a little note in the studio by the console each day while I’m talking to you

3. Make your goal public. I went on Facebook and told all my close friends and as a result I’m getting so much support. All of them ask me how I’m doing with my weight loss. 

4. Keep yourself accountable. This one can be hard. I live alone, so if I wanted to cheat, there’s no one around to stop me, or talk me out of it. I will be adding working out to my regimen soon, and I’m looking for a workout partner so we can meet up at the gym. If I’m obligated to show up with someone else, I'm not going to want to let them down.

5. Have a plan if you fail. I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times already. Not TOO bad, but I did indulge in more than a couple of pieces of non-dietary candy this week. BUT, I choose to look the many things I did, and am still doing RIGHT. I made a lot of good changes in the last week-and-a-half and am sticking to those, in spite of my few mis-steps.

You need to go in EXPECTING to have a few setbacks along the way, and have a plan for how to regroup when they happen. I’m already refocused, and my short-term goal is to be good for an entire week, with no cheating, one day at a time.

Here's the Forbes article this is based on. Here's ANOTHER, also from Forbes with even more cool tips.