CHILLER THEATER: Returning This Weekend on WPXI Now & PCNC

Run for the hills, tell the neighbors, hide the dog...It's back!!! Chiller Theater is coming back starting this Saturday night, Sept 9th at 11:30! The program returns 60 years after the original show started on WIIC, Channel 11.

Chilly Billy Carille host the original from 1963 to 1984. The show was full of vampires, monsters, and campy skits. The show was so popular back in the kept Saturday Night Live off the air for almost 4 years!

The new version of Chiller Theater will be hosted by WPXI Meteorologist Scott Harbaugh and will be sponsored by Hundred Acres Manor. The new program will have an 8-episode run on Saturday nights at 11:30 on PCNC and WPXI Now.

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