WENDY’S: Nacho Platter Turns Into the Ultimate Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger

Wendy’s is always experimenting with new menu items that are not typical for other chain restaurants and with the announcement of the new Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger and Queso Fries for the fall they are continuing their ‘out-of-the-box’ offerings. The new burger is described as a transformation of a traditional nacho platter into a spicy Cheeseburger and the fries carry the same flavors over to the side dish. 

The Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger is part of Wendy’s Made to Crave menu and features a jalapeño cheddar bun, spicy chipotle sauce, Poblano Queso, and crispy corn and tortilla strips with a spice level of 6 out of 10. Wendy’s Manager of Culinary Innovation, Jay Drumm said “We’ve spent over 2 years perfecting this sandwich because we wanted to deliver that nacho platter experience that you get when you’re watching a big game, but all in one bite.” 

In addition to the burger, new Queso Fries have been introduced. They start with Wendy’s Hot and Crispy Fries and add the Poblano Cheese Sauce for additional spice. It took experimenting with 20 versions before the final item was ready. Both new items are available now but check with your local Wendy’s location to make sure they are on the menu there. New food deals are also available on the Wendy’s app. 

Source: Foodsided

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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