BIOLOGISTS: Find Fresh Water Manatees Living in the Monongahela

In a surprising discovery, a group of marine biologists found a group of manatees swimming in the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The finding shocked many environmentalists and scientists as manatees are not typically found in freshwater rivers.

According to the biologists, they were conducting research on the river's water quality when they spotted the group of manatees swimming near the surface. They immediately conducted tests to confirm their findings and discovered that the manatees had made their way hundreds of miles upstream.

The sighting of manatees in the Monongahela River has caused excitement among wildlife enthusiasts and environmentalists. Manatees are a threatened species whose natural habitat includes saltwater rivers and coastal areas.

The discovery has raised questions among scientists about how the manatees arrived in the river and whether they will be able to survive there long-term. They believe that the manatees may have become stranded in the river due to heavy rainfall and flooding that occurred earlier in the year.

Environmentalists are calling for immediate action to protect the manatees and ensure that they can thrive in their new habitat. The discovery of the manatees in the Monongahela River highlights the need for continued efforts to protect our planet's biodiversity and ensure the survival of threatened and endangered species.

(Source: New York Press)

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Photo: Moment RF

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