2-Year-Old Girl Gets Head Stuck In Cake Pan

Photo: Junction Fire Company

Firefighters in Pennsylvania responded to a strange call after a 2-year-old girl's head was stuck in a cake pan on Monday (February 6), WGAL reports.

Erin Meixel said she called 911 after her daughter, Quinnley, got stuck while playing with an angel food cake pan that had its middle section removed. Firefighters with Junction Fire Company in Lewistown responded to the family's home and used tin snaps to cut the cake pan in two places, which freed the child from its grasp.

"She wore it kind of like a shawl around her shoulders until the firemen got there. She was a trooper. She was still able to eat and drink while she had this tin around her," Meixel told WGAL on Monday.

Meixel said her daughter was fine and thanked firefighters for their response. The department shared a photo of Quinnley with the angel food cake pan stuck on her head, which they confirmed was approved by Meixel.

"Recuse company just cleared a rescue assignment on the Terrace," the department wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. "The mother of this young girl gave us permission to use this photo!"

Meixel said Quinnley's accident is common among her family as she had previously gotten her own legs stuck in a plastic chair when she was a child.

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