SUZANNE SOMERS: Facebook Livestream Interrupted By Home Intruder

Suzanne Somers had an unexpected visitor during a Facebook Live broadcast on Friday. She was doing a makeup tutorial when a man, apparently walked into her home. He identified himself as 'Aaron Carpenter,' and Somers stayed as cool as a cucumber throughout.

Of course, she threw a few "are you kidding me" and "yikes" facial expressions at the camera as they spoke, but ultimately told the man he "seemed very nice," but didn't "belong here." He said that he was dropped off on the property by his friends and he was terrified because there were “ghosts following” him and then he said something about hiking there.

They managed to keep things friendly and the cameras kept rolling as they got him out of there. Somers asked her husband Alan Hamel, and other staffers to "escort" the man away and they did. Ultimately, police were called and they reportedly made contact with the man, who was ticketed and released without incident.

  • Check out the videoHERE and below.The incident starts around the 40:40 mark.

Source:Suzanne Somers

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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