BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: Urges Us To Meet In “The Middle” In Super Bowl Jeep Ad

Throughout his 50-plus year career, Bruce Springsteen has shied away from commercial endorsements or having his music used in ads.

That of course changed today with his appearance in a Jeep commercial. So, why did he change his mind?

In an interview with Billboard, his manager Jon Landau says, "They had assembled a terrific rough cut from stock footage and Bruce's pre-existing film work. When we saw it, we just felt that Bruce could turn this into something special...

"It was like, the material's great, we knew we could make it greater, let's go. That was about felt right to me and I thought it would feel right to him."

As for the music in the two-minute spot, Landau says Bruce and his producer Ron Aniello wrote it specifically for the film.

"They worked on it for a few days. They would come up with something, director Thom Zimny would put it in the emerging film, and then they would revise."

Asked if the message of uniting the country, a dig at President Trump, will upset his supporters, Landau says, "In general, Bruce deeply appreciates his audience and always respects their right to like or dislike something that he's created."

Landau goes onto say that:

"Bruce was paid fairly. I don't comment about his private charitable work."

"The biggest audience we have ever had at any one moment was when we played [theSuper Bowl] half-time [show] 12 years ago. This will be our second biggest audience. Speaking as a manager, we are in a media landscape where the emphasis is more than ever on young people. That makes it harder to maintain your presence and to introduce yourself to new people. So, this is a great opportunity to reach a very large section of the public."

"This doesn't open or close the door [on future commercial appearances]. If we see something that we think might be great and the time is right, and we like the people we would be working with, it's always possible."

The Super Bowl airing is the only time the commercial will play on TV. In less than 24 hours its been over 11-million times onYouTube.


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