Love Conquers All On 'Fake Doctors, Real Friends'

On this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends, Zach Braff and Donald Faison talk about the season two finale of Scrubs, “My Dream Job,” as well as what they would do with “Yeezy money,” why opposites attract, Ryan Reynolds’ abs, their producer Joelle’s love life, hangover hydration services, the time Zach flew to Las Vegas for a bottle of water, the time CaCee Cobb wouldn’t let Donald break up with her, and what Michael Caine said to Zach after he saw Hamilton on Broadway, before Dan from New York calls in to tell them his real-life story of hooking up with someone at a funeral.

Donald says if he had Yeezy money, he would get a really great golf simulator and start his own animation studio, creating and distributing stop-motion movies; Zach says he’d like to buy a plane. He got his pilot’s license years ago, and would love to get even better and one day fly a jet. He remembers that on the day he was supposed to take the pilot’s exam, he realized that he didn’t have enough flight hours logged to be eligible for the test. So the examiner told him to fly to Las Vegas, land, and then immediately return and he’d have his hours. “I maintain to this day that I’m the only person who’s ever flown to Vegas, grabbed a bottle of water, and flown home!” Zach laughs. 

When they turn their attention to the Scrubs episode, Zach says he’s surprised at how quickly Dr. Cox was able to forgive Jordan for not telling him that her baby was his for so long. But Donald points out that Dr. Cox was in love with Jordan, and he loved the kid, so her big reveal was actually the ideal situation for him, making it easier to forgive. “Love conquers all!” Speaking of love, Zach is very serious about helping Joelle find a life partner on a new segment, maybe even sponsored by a dating app, kicking off a hilarious tangent about the Farmers Only app. When Dan from New York calls in to tell them his funeral hookup story, he fatally reveals that he raps on occasion, inspiring Donald to ask for 16 bars on the spot. It goes….poorly. Hear the whole hilarious conversation on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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Photo: Getty Images