REBEL WILSON: Showed Off Weight Loss In New Instagram Photo

Rebel Wilson is looking amazing these days. In case you missed it, she decided to dedicate herself to a “year of health” with a goal of losing about 75 kilograms, or 165 pounds. She’s well on her way, and her trainer is sharing her secrets

According to Jono Castano, it’s all about four simple steps:

  • Focusing on nutrition
  • Working out five days a week
  • Balanced supplementation and multivitamins
  • And recovering well, which includes stretching, sleeping well, and making sure you’re not stressed. 

He added, “My advice is to keep your goals realistic, short, and then achieve them and progress from there.” 

Rebel is also a fan of the Mayr method diet. The key points are to quit snacking, put more emphasis on breakfast rather than dinner, reduce dairy and gluten intake, avoid distractions while eating such as scrolling on social media, and chewing each bite of food 40 times.

Source:Fox News

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