JADA PINKETT SMITH: Admits Cheating on Will With August Alsina Affair

Jada Pinkett-Smith promised to bring herself to the red table, and she did just that on Friday. She and Will Smith sat down to address their situation with August AlsinaTo review, August claimed that he was in a years-long affair with Jada – and that Will had given his permission. While a generous round of denials were issued at the time, they stated that they didn’t come from them. 

The Smiths addressed the “permission” aspect with Jada pointed out that she is the only person who could grant permission. She did, however, see why August thought that Will was on-board. Also, she made sure to point out that he wasn’t a homewrecker. 

When August came into their lives, he was sick and they were trying to help him. When Will and Jada separated amicably, her relationship with August became what she described as “a different king of entanglement.” She admitted that she was “broken” and looking for fulfillment in others. But she came to realize that it wasn’t possible. 

After Jada made up her mind to stay with Will, August cut ties with the two of them – something she understood. And while Will joked about staying with her through her “transgressions,” she noted, “I actually don’t look at it as a transgression at all. Through that particular journey, I learned so much about myself and was really able to confront a lot of emotional immaturity, emotional insecurity — and I was really able to do some really deep healing.” Then the two took a phrase from his latest movie to describe their relationship – “We ride together. We die together. Bad marriage for life.”

Source:Red Table Talk

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