JIMMY KIMMEL: Jimmy's Past Is Under The Microscope

Jimmy Kimmel’s Past Is Under The Microscope

It’s not hard to “vet” celebrities these days,since the internet is a trove of information.

Well, when Jimmy Kimmel announced he’s taking the summer off to be with family, people started vetting. They came up with a few easily accessible examples of racially inappropriate comedy bits. One had the late night host imitating Snoop Dog, including dropping the “N word,” in a radio station Christmas album.

Another had him imitating Comedian George Wallace, in what Adam Corolla calls a “crazy black voice.” Kimmel admits to that and says there’s more in a 2013 podcast with his former “The Man Show” host Corolla.

The revelations come as Kimmel is tapped to host the Emmy Awards. He hasn’t addressed the issues since he announces his break.

Source:Fox News

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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