Baseball Is Back! Everything You Need To Know About MLB's Startup

Have you heard? The Major League Baseball owners voted unanimously to proceed with the 2020 MLB season.

Of course you did, but, given it is under the terms of their agreement with the Players that was nearly three months ago on March 26—here’s a refresher on what they agreed on the last time they actually agreed.

So here are the basics of the MLB calendar for 2020 which is a funny number to use—given nothing in this vision is clear at all.

  • Number of games60 games
  • Spring training 2.0: Should start in about a week—the commissioner has asked about July 1—as players will need to travel to their home cities if they aren't in them already.
  • Opening DayAround July 24.
  • Spring Training:July 1 -- MLB asked the MLBPA on Monday whether players will be able to report to training in their respective cities within seven days, by July 1.
  • Number of playoff teams: 10
  • Salary structure: Full pro rata, which for 60 games means that players will earn around 37% of their full-season salary as long as the truncated schedule is completed

Oh and as for health-and-safety protocol—the MLB's updated their original 67-page pitch which the players should sign off on which bans high fives, fist bumps, hugs, spitting, chewing of tobacco or sunflower seeds or any combination.

There will also be a minimal distance between baserunners, fielders, coaches and umpires on the field will be encouraged as much as possible and players will be screened for temperature multiple times per day and tested for coronavirus multiple times per week. Anyone testing positive will be immediately quarantined. Two negative tests will be required for a possible return.

Aside from that… Play Ball… with a whole bunch of asterisks.


(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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