Americans love beer.That’s a fact that’s never been in dispute. Now, however, we’ve got some solid data on exactly how much beer goes down our throats as a country, and by state. In total, between craft beers, corporate domestics, and imports, we swallow 6.3 billion gallons of the stuff in the course of a year…with Midwesterners doing the most damage. As far as overall beer consumption, the top five states play out like this:

  • California –3-million gallons
  • Texas –1-million gallons
  • Florida –1-million gallons
  • New York –1-million gallons
  • Pennsylvania –9-million gallons

Taking the bottom spot, you’ve got Wyoming, downing a paltry 12.9-million gallons in a year.

When you look at the per capita numbers, though, the top spot may come as a surprise.

  • New Hampshire –79-gallons per citizen
  • Montana –60-gallons
  • Vermont –53-gallons
  • North Dakota –50-gallons
  • South Dakota –37-gallons

It’s not at all surprising to see Utah pull the bottom of the per capita list, with 0.58 gallons of beer indulged in per year. Click here to see the full list of states and rankings.

Source:Vinepair (photo courtesy of getty images)

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