JOB HUNTING: Tips In The Post-Coronavirus World

Searching for a new job is already a beast. If you’re doing it in the coronavirus world of double-digit unemployment, it’s downright intimidating. To push the odds more into your favor, you should take any professional advice you can get. LT Ladino Bryson is the CEO of and is known as “The Employment Therapist.” She says making these five moves will help you sell yourself and land that next gig.

  • Action Language –Sprinkle positive phraseology through your resume. Words like “achieved,” “exceeded,” and “excelled” are magnets to employers. Just don’t go thesaurus crazy and overdo it.
  • Update Email Addy -Create and email address explicitly for the job you want. If you’re into sales, make it something like “Top Seller” If you’re into cooking, “” You get the drill. Just don’t get too cute with it and turn people off.
  • Branding –It should only take one sentence to sum up what it is you do. Think it through, get it right, and be memorable. Then, make sure your resume backs it up.
  • Simplicity –As experienced as you are, no one really cares what you did more than seven-to-ten years ago. If it’s not germane to the gig you’re going for, leave it off. If it is, put in a “highlights” or “other experience” section, and keep it brief.
  • Social Media –Update your social media pages. Set them to “private” if there’s stuff on there that might make you look bad. If you’ve got a LinkedIn page, make sure it’s updated so it matches your resume.

Also, make sure your references are people you actually want singing your praises. If you aren’t ABSOLUTELY sure – find someone else. And also? Make sure they know about it, so they’re not surprised when they get a call or an email.

Source:Maxim (photo courtesy of getty images)

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