The Most Iconic Fashion Statement Of All Time Is…

When it comes to fashion, things go in and out of style all the time, but there are some fashion statements that are simply timeless, and now a new survey reveals the most iconic ones of all times. 

A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • 40% of folks feel that today’s fashion styles rely mostly on old styles, and trends that are making a comeback.
  • As for the most iconic fashions statement, the mini skirt topped the list, followed by:
    • Little black dress
    • Hot pant
    • Denim jacket
    • Platform shoes
    • Flared trousers
    • Leather biker jacket
    • Shoulder pads
    • Knee high boots
    • Skinny jeans
  • When it comes to style, 11% of those polled say their fashion sense is “on trend," but it seems most people wouldn’t describe themselves that way.
  • In fact, 60% would describe their style as “comfortable.”
  • A third would say their style is “basic.”
  • Another 13% would say they have a “vintage” edge.
  • And speaking of vintage, most folks say the oldest thing in their closet is 12 years old, although 22% have something that’s over 20 years old. 

Source:SWNS Digital (photo courtesy of getty images)

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