New Coronavirus Cases Rise In Some States As Stay At Home Orders Are Lifted

While the number of new coronavirus cases in the United States fell for the fifth straight week, 17 states have reported an increase in the number of new cases in the last week. Health experts are monitoring the number of new infections as all 50 states have at least partially lifted stay-at-home orders.

According to Reuters, there were almost 3,600 new cases reported in Arizona, a nearly 50% increase from the week before. In Virginia, the number of new cases jumped by nearly 43%, with 8,300 new positive diagnoses of COVID-19, while Alabama and South Carolina saw increases of more than 35%.

South Carolina health officials told Reuters the number of cases has been increasing over the past three weeks because they have been proactively testing all the patients in the state's 194 nursing homes.

They were also concerned that the police brutality protests taking place across the country could lead to more people getting infected with the coronavirus.

"If people don't follow current recommendations for social distancing and avoiding crowds of any kind, we can anticipate seeing increased numbers," the South Carolina health department said.

It wasn't all bad news in the report, as many states saw the number of new cases decline.

New York and New Jersey both saw the number of new cases fall by nearly 20%, while Connecticut reported a 43% decrease in new cases.

Photo: Getty Images

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