MLB: Mulls Shorter Season, Full Prorated Salaries For Players

Seems like the only sport we are going to see out of the MLB in the near future is the continuing game of tennis as owners and the players association continue to volley offers back and forth on their return-to-play agreement.

One day after the MLBPA proposed a 114-game schedule allowing for deferred salaries in the event of a cancelled season—the owners took a break from lowballing them on money—to lowball them on games.

This after the MLB reportedly has discussed playing a shorter schedule in which it would pay members of the MLB Players Association their full prorated salaries, sources familiar with the situation told ESPN.

Now the MLB does not intend to propose this to the players yet—they fact is that the possibility of implementing a schedule of around 50 games that would start in July is now being considered as a last resort in the event the parties can't come to a deal.

And if they can’t come to one before they offer this, there is a very good chance they may not at all.

Think about it, the players basically just for a proposed a 114-game schedule that would cover 70.3% of their original salaries. This 50-game schedule with full pro rata would pay the players 30.8% of that number.

Can’t think they would even bother. Would you?

Source:ESPN (photo courtesy of getty image)

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