ROAD WARRIOR TRIVIA: This Question Took 61 Days To Get Answered!

I first asked this question on Monday, March 23rd. 61 days later...we finally got a winner!

These have been around for a long long time, however the number of these exploded in 1992. California, Georgia, and Texas lead the country in these? Pennsylvania is 7th. What are they?

The answer: Vampires.

According to the Atlanta Vampire Alliance -- California has the most vampires! Georgia and Texas are second and third. The Keystone State ranks seventh. So why did the population of Vampires increase in 1992? The movie "Twilight!" The largest population of Vampire today are 28 years old, meaning they were born in 1992, with many of them committing to the vampire lifestyle after the movie "Twilight" was release in 2008.

Congrats to Brenda Answine of Jeannette!

Source: Atlanta Vampire Alliance (photo courtesy of getty images)

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