GOV. WOLF: Some Counties in Pennsylvania Could Be Entering "Green Phase"

According to the Post-Gazette, some of Pennsylvania's counties might be going back to way it used to be. Okay, maybe not "the way it used to be" but certainly closer to normal than during the red and yellow phases of the statewide shut down. However, several Pennsylvania counties could see practically all of the state’s pandemic restrictions on business activity and gatherings lifted. Of course, the "green phase" will encourage social-distancing and health-monitoring guidelines that are in place to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Gov. Tom Wolf announced yesterday — that some counties will be entering the state's “green” phase, but a decision would be announced soon.

“So I’ll be announcing a whole range of counties tomorrow moving from red to yellow and the hope is that we’ll also be making some counties that might even be moving from yellow to green tomorrow,” Mr. Wolf told reporters on a conference call.

With the number of new infections slowing, Mr. Wolf has been easing social distancing restrictions and allowing many businesses to reopen in lightly impacted areas of the state.

An official announcement could be as soon as this afternoon.

Source: Post-Gazette (photo courtesy of getty images)

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