BIG BEN BARBER VS GOV WOLF: Divided Debate Gets Hairy

The start of the fire storm...

On Monday, May 18th, Ben Roethlisberger tweeted this...

In any other year, Big Ben tweeting that he was ready to resume his regular football workouts would normally be celebrated! However, 2020 is no ordinary year!

As we previously reported, on Tuesday, May 19th Governor Tom Wolf criticized Big Ben’s recent trip to Norman's Cut N Edge Barbershop in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, to get his haircut and beard trimmed following a workout with his Pittsburgh Steelers teammates.

Well, as we told you yesterday, the lawyer for Carlos Norman defended the barber by releasing a statement saying that his shop has remained closed during the Stay At Home Order and Norman cut the quarterback's hair for free.

After our posting the barber's response on social media yesterday, it's very apparent that Pittsburghers are extremely divided on this issue.

Gloria CastanedaI took a stand defending the governor's position stating, "...question the arrogance to film and post knowing that barber shops where not supposed to be open yet, doesn’t matter that no money was exchanged as the owner stated on CNN. We all need a haircut and if this was Joe Blow would everyone still be OK with it? JS ENTITLED?"

Michael Krizay wasn't so kind to our leader in Harrisburg, "F&%k Wolf!!! Maybe he should worry about his damn state that’s falling apart in front of his eyes instead he’s worried about someone getting a damn hair cut. This country needs a revolution is what it needs!"

George Kuhn was a little more pragmatic, "Who really cares because there isn't going to be a football season this year or maybe next year too."

Source: iHeart Radio (photos courtesy of getty images)

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