NEW CDC GUIDANCE ON REOPENING: Includes Latest On How We Contract COVID-19

New CDC Guidance On Reopening Includes Latest On How We Contract COVID-19

The CDC now says that COVID-19 doesn't spread easily by touching contaminated surfaces and objects.

That doesn't mean to stop washing hands and disinfecting. It still can transmit that way, but newly updated guidelines suggest it's not the main way to catch the virus. That's still through person-to-person contact.

The info comes out as the agency quietly rolls out their reopening guidance for pools, mass transit, eateries, and more. The 60-page document suggests three stages, but most states are going their own way, since reopening plans started a month ago.

Tensions between the CDC and White House over guidance for coronavirus has led to the stricter and more detailed guidance drafted by the CDC to be shelved.

Source:AOL (photo courtesy of getty images)

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