SAFETY: What To Know About Heading To The Beach This Summer

This weekend is the unofficial start of summer, but it includes a whole new reality. Gone are the days of sitting on a packed beach, or even being there all day. As states reopen, beaches have new rules that you need to know about.

Most of us need the break of the outdoors after the last two months, but be prepared for it not to be as relaxing as before. Here are some things to think about before packing up for the sand and surf.

  • Things aren’t back to normal, but don’t let fear overwhelm you.
  • Stay socially distanced, in the water and on land
  • High risk people should avoid the crowds
  • The beaches will be packed, and judging by dry runs last week, few will wear masks
  • If you have symptoms - stay home
  • Most beaches will be at 50-percent capacity, so you may not get in
  • If the beach is full, try another one or have a plan B
  • Know your rules before heading out since they’ll be enforced
  • Have a mask handy and put it on when near others
  • Don’t forget sun safety

For details on what beaches are open and some of the rules, check here.

Source:Today (photo courtesy of getty images)

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