PANDEMIC OF LOVE: A Source of Help For Those Who Need It & Want To Help

Pandemic of Love Pittsburgh is a mutual aid resource helping people in need due to unforeseen financial circumstances during the pandemic. They have also partnered with Blueprints ( to reach people in need. 

What they do: Pandemic of Love Pittsburgh matches people in need with people who are willing to assist. If you are able to give, a grocery store gift card or monetary transaction goes directly to the person/family in need. If you are in need, let them know and they will do their best to match you with a patron.

When it occurs: They try to make all matches within 72 hours.

Why they are helping: They are reaching out to those who have suddenly found themselves without a means to pay their bills, obtain groceries, or refill a prescription.

How does it work: Fill out a form if you need assistance. Fill out a form if you can give assistance. It is discrete and they directly match the person in need with the patron via email.

Go to for more information, press, testimonials and how it all began (internationally over 85,000 matches made)

Direct Pittsburgh links:



Source: Michelle Senneway (photo courtesy of Pandemic of Love)

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