RETRO BLOCKBUSTERS: Now Playing at Re-Opened Theaters

Where movie theaters can re-open, for example Texas and Georgia, the mega-plexes are playing blockbusters of yesteryear.

To entice moviegoers, many of the theaters will charge throwback prices as low as $2 per ticket.

All eight films of the Harry Potter franchise are available. As are the four Hunger Games flicks. Some theaters will screen movie classics like Back to the Future,Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock and the original summer blockbuster from 1975, Jaws.

Hollywood has tentative plans to once again release new movies beginning in July. First to arrive is a Russell Crowe thriller,Unhinged.Followed in successive weeks, the horror flick The Forever Purge, a sci-fi drama Tenet and Disney’s live-action reboot of Mulan.

On Friday, Warner Brothers releases Scoob straight to streaming as a $20 rental. That maneuver found success for Trolls World Tour, which earned nearly $100 million in three weeks of at-home rentals.

Source: (The Wall Street Journal) Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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