QUARANTINE: Drinking Games You Can Play Virtually

Thankfully, virtual happy hours have come along and made drinking with friends possible in a world of self-isolation. To keep things interesting, there are plenty of drinking games that can add to the experience, get everyone hammered, and won’t result in bloodshed if things get ugly and personal. Here are a few that lend themselves to the virtual world.

  • Never Have I Ever –It’s always fun finding out your friends’ dirty little secrets. In this one, it’s inevitable that someone will cross the line, get too personal, and piss them off. So, all they have to do is shut down their connection, rather than start a fistfight.
  • Quiplash –Has a Cards Against Humanity vibe to it and can be connected through Zoom andSteamfor $4.99.
  • Cup Pong –Get this one throughGame Pigeon. They also have darts, pool, and basketball.
  • Would You Rather –The name explains it all. Just try and out-weird your friends, and invent your own rules on how to incorporate alcohol.
  • Most Likely To –Choose your category, and the one voted “most likely to…whatever” takes the shot. Even if they don’t agree.
  • Truth Or Shots –Like Truth Or Dare…but the drinks are the dare.
  • Power Hour –The challenge is to take a drink every minute for an hour. If you’re really daring, you can do shots and enjoy the eventual raging hangover. Large mugs of beer are the best play here.
  • Wizard Staff –You need canned beer for this one. Pound them down, and then…at the end…tape the cans together one on top of the other. The one with the biggest “staff” is the Wizard and reigns supreme until next session.


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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