EMPLOYEES: Share Thoughts On Working From Home, And Returning To The Office

With lots of folks working from home these days, many are now realizing there are a lot of positives to working remotely, and it, as well as the coronavirus itself, may be affecting how they feel about one day returning to the office. 

A new Robert Half survey finds:

  • 77% of employees are currently working from home.
  • Many have positive things to say about the experience, including:
    • I realize my job is doable from home (63%)
    • My work-life balance has improved due to lack of a commute. (60%)
    • I'm more comfortable using technology. (43%)
    • I've grown closer to colleagues. (20%)
    • I've grown closer to my boss. (19%)
  • Now there will come a day, hopefully soon, when folks begin returning to the office, and many are a bit hesitant at the thought, with 56% of employees worrying about being in close proximity to colleagues. 
  • And when they do return to the office, many foresee some major changes in how things are done in the office.
    • 72% will rethink shaking hands with business contacts.
    • 72% plan to schedule fewer in-person meetings.
    • 61% anticipate spending less time in common areas in the office.
    • 59% plan to reconsider attending in-person business events and traveling for business.
    • 73% think there will be fewer in-person social and team-building activities with colleagues. 

As for what they expect from their companies when they do return…

  • 79% expect them to allow employees to work from home more frequently.
  • 79% expect better cleaning procedures to be put in place.
  • 70% expect companies to hold fewer meetings and in-person trainings.
  • 55% want to see staggered work schedules.
  • 52% feel employees should be required to wear masks.
  • 46% want offices to change their layout.

Source:Robert Half

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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