CORONAVIRUS: What To Expect In PA's Yellow Reopening Phase

Gov. Tom Wolf predicts southwestern Pennsylvania soon will move to the yellow phase of the state's reopening. According to The Patch, here's what that means:

Here are the answers to some questions you might have regarding what life in yellow will be like.

  • Will everyone return to their workplace?

No. Telework must continue where possible.

  • Will day care centers reopen?

Yes, but they must comply with state guidelines.

  • Will you be able to visit family members in assisted living facilities?

No. Congregate care restrictions will remain in place.

  • Will large gatherings be permitted?

Gatherings of more than 25 people will be prohibited.

  • Can you go to your favorite stores at the mall?

In-person retail is permitted, but curbside and delivery are preferable.

  • Can you go to the gym?

No. Gyms will remain closed.

  • Will hair salons and nail salons be allowed to reopen?


  • Can you go to a movie?

No. Theaters will remain closed.

  • Can you get a sit-down meal at your favorite restaurant or a drink at you neighborhood tavern?

No. Bars and restaurants will still be limited to carryout and delivery only.

Source: The Patch

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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