AMERICANS: Seek Ways To Pay It Forward During the Pandemic

Americans are looking to do good in lots of different ways, especially now, and a new poll reveals just how generous folks are getting.

The survey finds:

  • The average American will do 4.45 charitable acts a week, or 231 every year.
  • 55% of Americans say they have “paid it forward” to a stranger.
  • In fact, 53% of folks say that if someone paid for their food in line at the drive thru, they would pay for the person behind them.
  • Another 45% say they would even pay if the person’s meal was double what they themselves ordered.

And what’s going on with the world today has made folks even more charitable than before.

  • 55% of Americans say they are more charitable now than they were just six months ago.
  • The average respondent says they volunteer about four times a year, and donate about $178.
  • As for how folks like to give back:
    • 46% donate to food drives
    • 44% donate to local charities
    • 38% support local farmers
    • 38% donate blood
    • 30% participate in fundraiser walks or races.

The survey also asked folks how they feel about first responders.

  • 89% of folks think first responders are under-appreciated in society.
  • 73% wish their community was doing more to assist first responders in some way.
  • 76% of folks would gladly pay for a first responder’s meal if they saw them at a restaurant
  • 77% would go out of their way to thank you to a first responder. 

Source:SWNS Digital

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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