DUMB THINGS: Their Partners Do That Drive Them Crazy During Self-Isolation

No matter how well you think you know someone, there’s always going to be a surprise. Self-isolation has brought many of those surprises to light. Here are some of the annoying behaviors people have seen from their partners that’ve driven them completely bonkers.

  • “My husband has used this time to learn calculus. When he’s focused, he spins his pen and drops it on the table at irregular intervals. It’s driving me up a f—ing wall.” (Kelly, 31, New York)
  • “My boyfriend eats almonds by slowly nibbling on the end of one, then shoving it gently into the side of his cheek until his face is bursting with them like a cartoon squirrel. I hate it! I hate him! It’s driving me insane.” (Diedre, 31, Australia)
  • “The tweeting is really out of hand. He spends 90% of his time tweeting and laughing at his phone.” (Molly, 32, Maine)
  • “Molly is really grumpy all the time. I’ll be like, “Hey, Molly, want me to make you a nice lunch?” And she’ll be like, “Unghh, what’slunch?!” It’s a pain in the ass!” (Nick, 31, Maine…Molly’s boyfriend)
  • “Sometimes, it feels like I’m in some sort of Truman Show reboot where my partner was cast specifically to make me go slowly insane.” (Daniel, 29, Pennsylvania)
  • “The vast majority of the time we have harmony, except for the YouTube conspiracy theory documentaries. I never realized he was into those?” (Rich, 41, New York)
  • “How they love to make themself tea or coffee and then drink a quarter of the cup. Ninety percent of the time, that’s all they drink, and then they let the cup just sit there.” (James, 27, New York)


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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