BLAKE LIVELY: Posts Hilarious Pic Of Ryan Reynolds’ “Quarantine Hair”

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are keeping up their signature sense of humor during quarantine. Stars have been experimenting with their looks as they’re stuck at home, and Lively couldn’t help but shame her hubs over his.

Taking to her Instagram story on Saturday, Lively has shared a picture of Reynolds hair, tied up in a tiny ponytail all the way in the back. “I dare you to forget this every time you see him for the rest of eternity,” she captions the pic for her nearly 27-million followers.

Obviously, it was a matter of minutes until Reynolds saw the post and fired back. Reposting the silly pic, the actor quips, “Clearly your birth control doesn’t work, so....” As you may recall, Lively just welcomed their third daughter last summer. Check out the screenshots of the Insta stories HERE.

Source:Blake Lively

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