REPORTS: College Football Could Be Delayed Until Spring

As the coronavirus-related delays and shutdowns continue to grow, the contingency plan rumors grow with them. Nowhere has that more prevalent than when it comes to the eventual start of the NCAA football season. Now, one specific rumor has been gaining some traction and could be announced soon.

Starting the season in February of 2021, or later, is an idea that was first floated as a “last-ditch” contingency, but now it looks like it could become a reality. Earlier in the week, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit floated it as an option being discussed. Now, Mark Rodgers, an NCAA insider out of Oklahoma, says it’s becoming more likely.

In a tweet, Rodgers says, “Should be a lot to talk about tomorrow. Hearing a ton of buzz about the college football season being pushed to spring. Expect news to be breaking soon.” Obviously, this isn’t the way anyone would want it to go down, but there’s no reason to think the NCAA would risk an appearance of putting games over lives.

Source:Mark Rodgers

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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