SURVEY: How The Coronavirus Is Affecting Our Food Habits

Thanks to the coronavirus, Americans are spending all their time at home and more time in the kitchen. To find out how this has affected our food preferences and behaviors, Hunter, a food and beverage PR and marketing company, surveyed 1,000 adults asking them to compare their cooking and eating habits now versus pre-pandemic.

Here are a few highlights from the Hunter Food Study Special Report: America Gets Cooking:

  • Cooking and baking are on the rise- 54% are cooking more, 46% baking more, and 35% say they enjoy cooking more than ever.
  • People are getting more adventurous in the kitchen- 44% have discovered new ingredients and 50% have found new brands and products.
  • Recipes to the rescue- 60% of those surveyed use them to find ways to use ingredients they have on hand and 47% are looking for ways to cook healthier.
  • But not everyone’s focused on healthy eating- While 39% say they are eating healthier foods, 40% admit they’re eating more indulgent foods.
  • All this time in the kitchen is boosting confidence- 50% say they feel more confident cooking and 51% say they plan to continue cooking more often.


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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