CONCERT FANS: Expert Has Bleak Prediction for 2020's Concert Season

While music fans are really hoping they’ll get to see their favorite artists live again by the summer, one expert suggests that even if we start coming out of quarantine soon, live concerts, sporting events and other major public gatherings can’t happen for a long time. 

Zeke Emmanuel, director of the Healthcare Transformation Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, was part of an expert panel gathered by the “New York Times” to discuss life after COVID-19, and he doesn’t think such big events could resume until “fall 2021 at the earliest."

“You can’t just flip a switch and open the whole of society up,” he says. “It’s just not going to work. It’s too much. The virus will definitely flare back to the worst levels.”

He believes “restarting the economy has to be done in stages,” explaining, “larger gatherings — conferences, concerts, sporting events — when people say they’re going to reschedule this conference or graduation event for October 2020, I have no idea how they think that’s a plausible possibility.” He adds, “I think those things will be the last to return.” 

Source:New York Times

Photo from Getty Images

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