PANERA BREAD: Restaurant Is Now Selling High-Demand Groceries

Can’t find milk or apples at the grocery store? Maybe try Panera Bread. The restaurant chain is now offering a new service,Panera Grocery, which sells groceries to customers to fill in supermarket gaps.

You can still order all your favorite soups, sandwiches, and other Panera dishes, as well as Panera Grocery options, including whole loaves of bread, gallons of milk, tomatoes, avocados, yogurt, and more. And they’re making the process safe by offering contactless delivery, Rapid Pick-Up, drive-thru and drive-up options.

Like werecently told you, other restaurants, including California Pizza Kitchen, are offering supermarket staples now, too, making it easier to find what we’re looking for, even when the grocery store is out.

Source:New York Post

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