JEFF BEZOS AND OPRAH: Donate Big Bucks In Coronavirus Fight

Amazon is one of the few companies who haven’t taken a major hit during this COVID-19 situation. Now its CEO is giving back in a big way

Jeff Bezos is sending $100-million to Feeding America to help them replenish their national network of food banks and pantries. A lot of nonprofit food banks rely on donations of excess food from restaurants. Since most restaurants are closed, their supplies are dwindling. 

In other news, Oprah Winfrey is donating 10-million bucks for COVID-19 relief. A million dollars is going to America’s Food Fund, a new initiative founded by Leonard DiCaprio and Laurene Powell Jobs and backed by Apple and the Ford Foundation. Their aim is to provide meals to communities hit hard by the virus. 

O’s other $9-million will be spread out to various coronavirus relief efforts in communities across the country and in the areas where she grew up, Mississippi and Tennessee.


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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