CORONAVIRUS: Has Sparked An Increase of 55% In Online Sales Of These

With folks stuck at home and gyms across the country closed, it would be easy to sit on the couch and just be lazy, but it looks like a lot of America isn’t ready to give up their fitness routine, and are looking for ways to keep their exercise up at home.

According to a new report:

  • Online orders for in-home fitness equipment have been soaring since the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Sales jumped 55% in a five-day period ending March 15th.
  • That number is much larger than typical high demand times attached to New Year’s resolutions, and an impending swimsuit season.
  • What’s more, fitness equipment sales increased 535% from February to March, while last year the same time period saw a 70% increase. 
  • As for what folks are buying, the highest demand as been for things like dumbbells, kettle bells and free weights, as compared to treadmills and other bulkier equipment.
  • NordicTrack maker Icon Health & Fitness says they’ve’ seen a 200% increase in sales since March 6th as compared to last year. 

Source:CBS News

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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