Honoring "The Magic" Of Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton...

When I heard about the death of Kenny Rogers, I found myself thinking of ALL "The Hits" he had, and of the SPECIAL friendship that he and Dolly Parton shared. I also remembered the final song that they recorded together, and how "especially poignant" it is now.

Before you watch the video of "You Can't Make Old Friends", here's a YouTube Viewer's "Comment"...

aNo1 WonderFan1 week ago

"When this came out I saw Kenny in concert. He told the story that when they were recording it, Dolly got emotional and stopped singing. She came over with tears in her eyes, hugged him, and said "I can't sing this at your funeral." He said he looked at her lovingly, smiled, and said "So we've established that I'm going first?" I thought it was a sweet story and just wanted to share. Rest in peace, Kenny. ❤"

I Couldn't say it any better than that! THANKS "aNo1 WonderFan", and Rest In Peace "Gambler"...


And...Here's a beautiful "Fan Produced" video of Kenny's haunting song..."Goodbye"..

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