MESSAGES OF HOPE: In Some Unlikely Places

A lot of people are feeling down and lonely thanks to being stuck in the house in self-isolation, but it’s important to not lose hope. Well, across the country, stores, neighbors and more are sharing their messages of hope to get us through and it’s bound to make you feel better.

Buzzfeed compiled a photo collage of a bunch of these messages, some coming in unusual places.

For example:

  • A marquee on a closed theater in Los Angeles reads “Be Right Back After These Messages.”
  • The marquee on the Paramount Theater in Seattle reads, “This is Just Intermission. We Will See You Soon.”
  • The marquee at the Indiana Theater in Bloomington, Indiana has a Mr. Roger’s quote “When I was a boy I would see scary things in the news. My mother would say to me, look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
  • A billboard in New York’s Times Square reads, “Thank You #Healthcare Workers.”
  • The marquee on the Hayworth in Los Angeles reads, “Social Distancing…We’re In This Together…Apart.”
  • Los Angeles’ Globe Theater posted the message “After every storm comes a rainbow.”
  • A sign on the United Methodist Building in Washington, DC, reads “Standing Together in Solidarity…Six Feet Apart.”
  • The Baghdad Theater in Portland’s marquee reads, “The Force Will Always Be With You.”

Check out more messages of hope here.


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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