COVID-19 TESTING: Again at The Zoo Parking Lot at 11 am

Testing again at The Zoo parking lot at 11 am -

Not everyone gets tested...

About 50% of people that have driven through have met the CDC guidelines and moved from the screening process to the testing process.

Now, about 6.5% of those tests came back positive.

Dr. Lane said those results show the coronavirus is spreading through our community.

According to her, most of these people did not require hospitalization so their clinic is keeping the thousand or so people out of the hospitals in the area.

They are still awaiting the results of 394 tests so the positives could continue to rise.

Testing will resume this morning at 11:00 a.m. in the zoo parking lot.

In order to cut back on traffic, Dr. Lane asks that only those showing symptoms and meet the CDC guidelines before getting in line.

They have 340 tests they can use.

Source: KDKA Television

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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