NEW JERSEY MAN: Arrested For Coughing On Food Store Worker

If you think the coronavirus situation isn’t serious, here’s proof.

A New Jersey man is in custody after threatening a grocery store worker with the coronavirus. Authorities say George Falcone visited the Wegmans in Manalapan when he got into a spat with the staffer.

They say they asked Falcone to step back as he was standing to close to her and a food display, but instead he moved closer and coughed on her shortly before saying he had the coronavirus. The 50-year-old now faces charges of making terroristic threats, obstruction of law and harassment.

State Attorney General Grubir Grewal says anyone who commits an act similar to Falcone's will also be charged. In a nutshell? Don’t try this…. anywhere.

Source:New York Post

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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