KENTUCKY DERBY: First Time Since WWII the Derby Won't Run In May

The coronavirus claimed another sporting event yesterda, when—for the first time in 75 years—it was announced that the Kentucky Derby will not be held the first Saturday in May.

In fact, it won’t be held on any of the Saturdays in May, or June, or… well let me just tell you now and save rattling off half the calendar.

It’s been pushed back to the first weekend in September.

Yup, amid growing concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, Churchill Downs postponed the Derby to September 5th, with a formal announcement coming this morning.

In case you’re wondering what happened three quarters of a century ago to cause its last postponement—well, that was after the government issued a ban on horse racing because of World War II.

  • The ban was lifted on V-E Day (May 8), and the Derby was held on June 9. The only other year the Derby wasn’t held in May was 1901, when it was raced on April 29.
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Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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