THOUGHTS: People Share Their Real Thoughts About the Coronavirus

Concern over the spread of the coronavirus certainly has some folks stressed out, while others seem to be acting like it’s no big deal. So, whataresome of the thoughts going through people’s minds right now?

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has young folks sharing their thoughts and experiences through the pandemic, and while some are surprising, others are completely relatable.

They include:

  • “Honestly coronavirus saved my GPA and spring break. Two finals and my choir tour canceled. I can’t express how relieved I am.”
  • “You know what’s more contagious than coronavirus? Panic.”
  • “My study abroad trip has been canceled due to the coronavirus. I am so crushed!”
  • “My company is having us work from home the entire month of March. I’m sure not mad about it!”
  • “Scared to really go to the gym because of coronavirus scare. I hate that I am worrying this much.”
  • “Coronavirus health warning says don’t touch your eyes, nose, mouth with hands. Me: Unconsciously keeps touching my face, like what the hell?”
  • “My friend broke up with her boyfriend because he had been refusing to kiss her lately because of the coronavirus.”
  • “Just ran into a few people that are very scared of the coronavirus. I thought the only people that were scared were the media.”
  • “I have bad allergies and I’m scared to leave my house because I don’t want people to think I have the coronavirus.”
  • “I work at a bank. Think about how scared I am touching all that dirty money with the coronavirus going around. My hands are dry from washing so much.”
  • “I’m not really worried about the coronavirus. I’m more worried about morons who want to price gouge and people who panic causing shortages of basic stuff like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc.”
  • “We have seven confirmed cases in my city. People are over here acting like the zombie apocalypse is hitting us now.” 


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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