TEACHER: Shares Clever Hack To Get Kids To Wash Hands

These days everyone’s being encouraged to wash their hands more and kids definitely need extra reminders and motivation to keep their mitts clean. And one teacher came up with a smart way to help her students remember to wash up.

Shauna Woods, a third grade teacher in Hallsville, Missouri, has been teaching for eight years and says there’s always a spike in illnesses and absentees this time of year because of colds and viruses. So she was trying to think of a way to promote hygiene in the classroom to minimize sickness. And she decided to start stamping their hands with a “Mrs. Woods” stamp she uses in books.

She stamps the kids’ hands in the morning and if it’s gone by the end of the day because they’ve washed their hands several times, she rewards them with a prize. Woods says the visual reminder is a “great motivator” for the students and she even stamps her own hand to be a positive role model.

Source:Good Morning America

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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